Milky Way in Winter (Or having some fun with the Fisheye Lens!)

I thought I'd have some fun with a fairly light polluted sky (my backyard) and see how much stuff processing could fix. Click on the images to see the larger file. You'll need to download the large image and blow it up in "windows viewer" to see all the bits that are described in the picture with the overlay. Inspiration owed to Steve B! Steve, this could be an aid to our Observes SIG when we form one! And Grant, I got your Garnet Star - thanks for showing that to us!

Data: Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye on Nikon D300 on a tripod. Six 30 second images stacked via Deep Sky Stacker and processed in PS DS5 with Carboni tools & Gradient Exterminator. The foreground is processed from ONE 30 second picture and combined & flattened and then blended into the background sky. If you look carefully you can actually see some of the stars through the trees! I shot a "snapshot" of Stellarium at the exact same time I took the picture, and used that to draw the constellations. Some of the other DSOs were identified with Terry C's help. The rays at the top right near Aries are from a near full moon which is just out of the image. I see another small smear between Cassiopeia & Andromeda and wonder if that's the Little Dumbell Nebula?