Lunar Imaging

Post date: Jun 21, 2010 8:29:07 PM

More folks in ASEM are imaging the Moon and reporting their results on their own pages here on the ASEM site. I thought I would join in. I have an Orion StarShoot camera I bought some years ago but was never satisfied with but I thought I would try it with the Craterlet software. It was a hot, muggy night last night (June 20, 2010 - mid-Summer night) when I went out to Broemmelsiek Park. The Moon was about first quarter and almost due South in the sky at Sunset. I first tried the 16-in Jones-Bird telescope but the camera could not reach focus - maybe with a Barlow? Next I went into the 10-in LX-200 shelter and there was no problem reaching focus there. Still learning my away around the camera and control software so I took some 30 second video sequences of the Plato-Alpine Valley region and the Straight Wall (Rupus Recta). I processed the Straight Wall sequence in AVIStack and I'm sure I could use some practice wringing the most details from the image, but here it is anyway. There are lots of details if you study it a bit with a good Lunar map (I use the Virtual Moon Atlas). Catena Davy is visible in the lower left of the image.

Below is another shot I took on the same evening with the same equipment and processed the same. This time it is the crater Plato, the Lunar Alps and the Alpine Valley.