C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)

1st file: Naked-eye drawings of Comet Hyakutake's positions over time:

This comet knocked my socks off. Much better than the 1986 apparition of Halley. This baby was naked-eye and showed tail. It could be seen, tail and all (averted vision) from surburban locales. I viewed Halley “alone”, I SHOWED Hyakutake to people, without equipment, and they KNEW they saw a comet. It was also the first “Internet” comet for the masses.

I was amazed to have GOOD maps to find this on the internet. What an amazing tool, and it is just taken for granted today.

I did a combination of naked-eye and bino (10x50) sketches. It is interesting to see the detail that I sketched at the time, with VERY little knowledge of comet anatomy at that point. I drew what I saw, and what is noticeable is that I could not describe it very well !


Third file: Drawings from 3/23/96 to 4/1/96:

2nd file: Combination drawings: Naked-eye and 10x50 (from 4/19/96 to 3/22/96)