Comet 1P/ Halley (March thru early May 1986)

This 3rd drawing is from 4/28/86, just after midnight E.S.T.

Several drawings showing my views from Pittsburgh, PA (Castle Shannon). My only guides were newspaper articles and magzines. Stars were plotted from my only map - "Petersen's Field Guide to the Stars" (the good old days...). Seriously, a good set of maps would have made life much better!

I was very disappointed to see no tail on this famous comet. We had lots of clouds during that time, and I was living in the city lights, with a new job and no where to go to "borrow" dark skies. I missed out on some of the glory of this comet, but I definitely got to see it, and that meant a lot to me.

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This 1st drawing is from 3/23/86, around 5AM E.S.T.

This 2nd drawing is from 4/13/86, 11:00pm to 12:30pm

The 4th and last drawing is from 5/2/86 around 9pm E.S.T. An extended coma was noted.