The eclipse will start earlier in the day for people on the west coast versus further east along the path of totality. Across Missouri it will start almost ten minutes earlier in St. Joseph than in Ste. Genevieve.


St. Joseph, MO

Columbia, MO

I44/I270 interchange

Ste. Genevieve


Start Partial Eclipse

11:40:41.0 a.m.

11:45:43.4 a.m.

11:49:35.9 a.m.

11:50:36.7 a.m.

Start Total Eclipse

1:06:26.6 p.m.

1:12:25.0 p.m.

1:17:07.8 p.m.

1:18:05.2 p.m.

End Total Eclipse

1:09:04.6 p.m.

1:15:00.2 p.m.

1:18:51.5 p.m.

1:20:45.4 p.m.

End Partial Eclipse

2:34:33.4 p.m.

2:40:15.4 p.m.

2:44:06:7 p.m.

2:45:41.3 p.m.

Approximate times for the St. Louis Area

The Moon first starts to

cover the Sun

11:45 a.m.

The Moon starts to

fully cover the Sun

1:10 p.m.

The Moon ends fully covering

the Sun

1:15 p.m

The last of the Moon

uncovers the Sun

2:45 p.m.