Chesterfield Public Library 8-24-12

Post date: Aug 26, 2012 3:43:52 AM

We had 16 teenagers and 5 parents at this event, aimed at teenagers. The indoor presentation (teenagers only) started at 7pm and was just under 1 hr, using Amy White's "Myth-busters" presentation. They then they had a snack break while I moved the 8" SCT outside for the moon for the last 30 mins. Just before the parent pick-up at 8:30, Saturn popped out of the clouds and was shown at 80x to the group of teens and 5 parents.

Most of these kiddos were very interested in astronomy. A majority had seen the Milky Way and had looked thru a telescope at the moon or a planet. One parent was very interested and I'm sure we may see more of him and his child at future events. All of the kids went home with tri-fold brochures for both ASEM and SLAS. Broemmelsiek Park was highlighted, and several checked with me on directions to it.